Sunday, February 10 at 10am


Please join us for Sunday worship at 10am!













Sunday, February 24, 2019 at 3 PM – 5 PM

Joyful Voices of Inspiration

Shake off those midwinter blues with this intergenerational gospel choir also happens to racially and ethnically diverse. It has performed all over the world and is making its second annual appearance in Sanctuary Hall at East Weymouth Congregational Church, UCC. They shook the rafters last year. We have no doubt they'll do the same this year. Pay-what-you-can admission is a suggested $10 per person, $20 per family.

 Busy: Reconnecting with an Unhurried God — a series for Lent


The theme for Lent draws on the need for self-care in order to continue our work of caring for others. It addresses the growing intensity and frenetic pace of life. The series will invite folks to practices of making room, clearing out, slowing down, and prioritizing for the sake of holistic lives. This holistic life involves living with the rhythms that allow us to thrive, finding a balance between work, play, rest and reflection. Jesus calls his followers to more than just unbridled consumption or production. Rather, the Scriptures see our lives and bodies as gifts that should be nurtured.












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