Sunday, June 3rd at 10am


Please join us for Sunday worship at 10am!


Children's Sunday - June 10 at 10 am


Join us as we celebrate the children and youth of our church. We believe we all minister to each other.  is abundantly clear that the children and youth minister to us with their candor, energy, creativity, originality, and passionate love of God through Christ. We will be blessed and inspired, to be sure, as they take part in leading parts of the service. Our beloved church Superintendent, Kerry Mortland, will thank the children,  youth and teachers in special ways on behalf of all of us. 


Strawberry Festival & Craft Fair

Saturday, June 16th, 9am - 2pm 


 Our Annual Strawberry Festival and Craft Fair is coming up on Saturday, June 16th from 9 am – 2 pm.  There will be craft and jewelry vendors, a Flea Market table, Bake table, Snack Bar and the Thrift Shop will be open.  Delicious strawberry shortcakes will be on sale.  Raffle tickets for a woman’s 26 in. Schwinn Drifter bike will be available, $1. each or 6 for $5.  Please visit us to eat and shop!!

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