A Beautiful Mother shares a powerful reflection about her precious son: I Will Fight for You

This is a humble and powerful letter from a beautiful mother of our church, Julie. We in our church will put our faith into action and work to dismantle white racism. We want to do everything we can to ensure all children are loved and protected, and today, especially Jaxon, a beloved member of our church in Jaxon Square, Weymouth!! (spelled the way a little boy thinks our square should be spelled.) We will fight (nonviolently and with direct action) for you! Julie gave our church permission to share. Please read.

"I have been trying to find a way to address everything happening in the world and right here at home because silence is not an option.. it never has been, but I find myself conflicted because.. well.. I'm white.

I am a white mother to handsome, bright, and vibrant black boy who has no idea whats going on right now. He knows about racism and has unfortunately already experienced it more than once. It broke my heart the day he realized that a child treated him differently because of the way he looked and I thank God that he has no memory of people asking me when he was a baby, what "mix" he was when they realized I was his mom.

I have experienced racism from both "sides" for lack of a better word, but thats not the narrative we need to discuss today. What happened was murder in the ugliest of forms and a violation of trust that we give to law enforcement while blinded by our privilege.

I am saddened to see looting and the beating of business owners who are trying to protect their livelihood, but most of all I'm angry. I'm straight pissed off that we have not changed the viewpoints of others, the system which is significantly stacked against blacks, and stopped all these reckless murders. To all of my black friends and family I see you, I honor you, I stand with you, and I will fight for you ❤