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Being a Caring Community During a Pandemic

Being a Caring Community in a Pandemic

To our Families and Friends,

We keep praying for you as we slowly enter the opening phases of our Summer here on Earth. We wear face masks and we wash our hands, we stand 6 feet back from the folks that we visit and we work very hard trying to look towards our future with the Covid-19 virus among us.

As we venture out cautiously let’s remember others that have felt lonely, too. Let’s remember our community and our church that have had to close to keep us safe.

In Galatians 6:22 there is a line that Paul the apostle writes that tells us: “The Holy Spirit controls our lives, the Spirit produces this kind of fruit in us:

Love: We are told to live in loving ways, to care for others and ourselves

Joy: Be glad and rejoice when you see good in others and the world

Peace: Allow the spirit of God’s Peace live in your heart

Patience: We wait to extend the love of God to others, we are always ready

Kindness & Goodness: We show goodness towards others

Faithfulness: When we are reliable and trustworthy God shows us the richness of His mercy

Humility: When we have peace in our heart we can be humble and caring to each other

Self Control: When we let the Holy Spirit live in us, we control our desires and behavior

Parents can use these “Fruits of the Spirit” ideas to encourage and reward their children when doing kind deeds towards others. One way to share our Gratefulness and Thanks is to make heart shaped cards and notes that you can pass out to your local shopkeepers, community helpers, teachers, coaches, and neighbors when you just want to show your appreciation for their help.

Click on this link for a coloring sheet for “Fruits of the Spirit” that the children can color and share.


Hoping that you stay safe and healthy until we can be together again,

Kerry Mortland,

Dir. Of Children’s Faith Formation

East Weymouth

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