East Weymouth

Congregational Church,

​​​​​​​United Church of Christ

Faith at Home for Lent

In our Church School, Lent began with a feast of fellowship and pancakes! We gathered after worship and shared a meal together on February 23rd. The children entertained with a “Pancake Race” and we ended the morning by burning the palms from last year to make the ashes for the Ash Wednesday service. It was a day for making memories and starting a Lenten journey.


How often do we start a journey and really know how it will end? Lent should be a journey for children and adults alike where we walk slowly through the season planning our time for a closer walk with God, even if it means restarting and rethinking along the way. God seems to smile on us when we take time to make those positive changes for our selves as well as others.


Some ideas for Lenten practices can include praying for more personal patience and helping others that need your forgiveness. Collecting money or items for a charity that helps those in need. Praying with your family or a group of friends for those that need God’s love. Make posters or banners that you can share with others, that show your prayers for others. Give everyone in your family a bag to file with things that clutter your lives. Make a journal for personal reflection about things that you want to change and things that you want to learn more about. Quietly listening to music while reading the bible.


We will continue our Lenten journey in the classroom thru Easter Sunday and we hope these ideas will help you to start a journey for yourself.


Kerry Mortland, Director Of Children’s Faith Formation,     Seek Joy!