East Weymouth

Congregational Church,

​​​​​​​United Church of Christ

My Story...What it Means to Me

“Journey to Generosity, The Way of Jesus”. What does this all mean? What does it mean to me or to you??

"Investing time, talents, and money into the work of Ministry and Missions improves life in the community. It also directly benefits us with a sense of purpose, overall well-being and being part of something that is larger than ourselves. It is good for us!” A mission that Matters!” It also states it’s not without risk, cannot be taken without deep personal commitment and requires that we ultimately trust God to provide what we need ….and that it is not easy or without effort.

(My Story, what it means to me)

When I was young, I visited a church one time and I really liked it. Every once and a while I would get the opportunity to go. I was Methodist in New York at the time. I would get dropped off at a building next to the large church. We were poor, there were 8 children and we had no car.

We moved to Maryland. I remember my grandmother taking me to her church downtown. I had the most awesome experience. I was welcomed and actually given a part for the Christmas play. I loved it so much and gave me a sense of purpose as such a young age.

During my teenage years was difficult. I did not go to church in that time and always felt it near me. When I married and moved here to Massachusetts, I was met by a wonderful neighbor Kerry, who welcomed me into her neighborhood and had me join the Quilt group at this church. I found something common doing sewing and knitting with Kerry, coming to this church was something I had missed. As I raised my children, I became a part of this church, bringing my children here, joining the Board Christian Education and low and behold, 30 years later, I am still coming to this church. It has given me that sense of meaning of why I come here, it’s something bigger than me, given me a purpose…It’s good for Me!!

The insert in the bulletin today speaks about our world that is “Fragmented”, all the turmoil, disasters and tragedies that effect our world today.  As we struggle with this today and as those whom have struggled in past generations, Ministry, Mission has been passed on to us to put forth to future generations. Again it states,“It benefits us, gives us a sense of purpose, overall well-being and being part of something that is larger than ourselves. It is good for us”.

The passages are from Mathew 9:35 – 10:23 for this year’s theme. The insert says “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few: there-fore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out Laborers to his harvest”

As Stewards of God, let’s join together to use our resources that will support the church, reap again the harvest for generations to come. Take the risks, deepen our commitments to support Ministry and Missions, trusting God to provide what we need for what it means to you, to me and for generations to come…” Journey to Generosity: The Way of Jesus …..Thank you!