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Nurturing our Faith: 30 Minute Summer Sabbaths for Families

30 Minute Sabbath: Summer Family Practices

Hello Families,

Now that homeschooling is over and we are starting to get back into somewhat of a routine

here is a fun family activity that you can do together at home during the Summer months.

Hoping that you and your families are safe and healthy,

from East Weymouth Congregational Church,

Sunday School Program,

" where we lead with our hearts"

Kerry Mortland,

Dir. of Children's Faith Formation

With everything that we've been through these past 4 months, here's a great way to find rest,

pause, beauty and restoration. If the idea of spending an entire day off the grid as your Sabbath

has you frazzled, then here is an idea to take 30 minutes out of your busy day and just" cease

from what is necessary and embrace what gives you life".

Here is a suggestion from Jerusalem Greer on how to get your family started with your own Sabbath Practice.

30 Minute Sabbath Practices

Rule 1: Don't Stress.

Rule 2: There is no rule about how often you should practice Sabbath. Do it when you can.

No beating yourself up about not doing it more often.

Rule 3: Sabbath practices really do work best when all devises are put away and turned off

(adults too)

Rule 4: Everyone in the household should find a way to participate if possible-even grown- ups!

Rule 5: No murmurings of discontent.

Rule 6: End your Sabbath practice with a prayer of thanksgiving.

Sabbath practices bring about restoration when you are intentional about taking time to

pause and rest-when you choose to savor beauty, appreciate goodness and

celebrate your blessings. As a household make your own list of Sabbath Practices.

Begin by asking each other" what brings us life and joy?"

10 Indoor Sabbath Practices

Read aloud each evening from a classic book.

Build a fort using blankets and chairs.

Make homemade ice cream. Savor each bite.

Play card games and teach card tricks. Build a card tower. Who can blow it over?

Put on a Shadow puppet show or make sock puppets out of old socks.

Have a living room floor picnic

Make paper hats. Everyone has to wear them at dinner or breakfast.

Have a "who can stay still the longest" contest

Declare a 30 minute "quiet quarantine" once a day. No talking, no devises.

Give everyone earplugs if necessary, to help them disconnect from distractions

Visit a museum (maybe virtually) Take coloring pencils and paper and sit in front

of a work of art and draw the beauty that you see.

10 Outdoor Sabbath Practices

Have a water gun fight

Play flashlight tag after dark

Go stargazing on a blanket in your yard. Notice how big the heavens are.

Make a late-night run for ice cream

Pause from your work and run through the sprinkler fully dressed!

Have a picnic in the backyard, Savor how good food tastes when eaten outdoors

Sit on the porch, stoop, driveway and take a sensory inventory. How many sounds do you hear in 30 minutes? How many things do you see? What do you smell?

Ride bikes, take a walk, play croquet, shoot hoops, jump on the trampoline, go swimming. Try and appreciate your ability to do these things.

Make a Grateful list outside using sidewalk chalk.

Pick flowers or berries or visit a farmer's market. What goodness do you see, hear, smell or taste?

Summer Sabbath Supply Kit

To make things easier, fill a basket with some of the following items so that when you are

ready to declare it's Sabbath Time, you don't have to go hunting for your supplies.

Deck of Cards


Read-Aloud Book

Bug Spray

Flash Lights


Water Guns


Old Socks

Ear Plugs


Sabbath Prayer

Blessed are You, Lord our God, Thank you for the gift of Sabbath and the restoration it brings. Thank you for an open time to pause and savor the beauty of our lives. Help us to appreciate the goodness of this moment. Amen.

Provided by Jerusalem Jackson Greer: A Homemade Year/Ken Shigemastu: God in my Everything