East Weymouth

Congregational Church,

​​​​​​​United Church of Christ

Remembering Vera Adams

It’s late in the night as I stand here at Ms. Vera Adam’s house. Am Praying here after an emotional and powerful vigil in her honor and in honor of Sergeant Chesna. There is unfathomable grief and loss. This was a heinous, evil, random, senseless crime committed here. Our pain for this dear woman, neighbor of Weymouth, is unspeakable. Our pain for Sergeant Chesna and Mrs. Adams Is too deep for words.


But as one who has dedicated my life to discerning spirit and the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst, I do not feel evil in this spot. The evil has been banished from this neighborhood, by Weymouth Police, by Sergeant Chesna who fought evil for his vocation and kept us safe. He gave his life for our safety. Here on this street, I feel safety. I feel grief, but I am also surprised to feel grace. I feel the tremendous, enormous love and goodness and heroism of Weymouth this night.

I put a small candle from the vigil on her doorstep. The darkness shall not overcometh the light. Other dear souls in Weymouth have brought their lights and love to her yard. I feel the compassion and tenderness of Weymouth residents. And I dare say, at this spot, I feel the grace of Ms. Adam’s spirit. Just maybe she and Sergeant Chesna are together in heaven watching over us, their families, friends, and neighbors...our town (city).


I am a church pastor and also a hospice chaplain. I have had 100s upon 100s of patients and parishioners tell me week by week for more than a decade that they see the coming of holy, beautiful light before they die, they see the divine, and they see loved ones who have gone to heaven before them welcoming them home. Could it be also that those who are in heaven can see us? Can their see our lights? Call me crazy, maybe I am. But I believe Mrs. Adams knows how much our hearts go out to her, it is good for her soul and I believe she saw Weymouth raise our lights for her and Sergeant Chesna tonight.


On this night and always, let us lift up the light. 
Rev. Gretchen