East Weymouth

Congregational Church,

​​​​​​​United Church of Christ

Weymouth Tree Lighting Blessing


Weymouth Town Tree Lighting Blessing

Weymouth Town Hall

December 2, 2018

Rev. Gretchen Elmendorf

Tonight, we gather together as individuals of all ages, as families, as community, as our town, our city and as part of our world. We come preparing for the moment when this holiday tree shines before us, the light that pierces through all darkness. May this holiday tree be a symbol of the beauty and strength of our community.

Our town/city of Weymouth shines forth and has been radiant for almost 400 years with the extraordinary gifts and service of bright leaders. We can be thankful for our Weymouth town and community leaders, for our first responders, Veterans, and those in active service, our police, our teachers, and our countless people who make Weymouth so inspiring.

We come tonight as bearers of light to one another. Light within, light among us, light around us.

We gather together in a holiday season full of angels. Musical refrains fill the air, songs like Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Here, we are grateful for our own Weymouth angels. We remember and wrap our love around the families, the spirit and the memories of Sergeant Michael Chesna and Ms. Vera Adams. When we look at the stars in the sky at night, let us remember them and pray. The Eskimo legend tells us we can believe that perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.

From all faiths, or no particular faith, of all backgrounds, we thank the town for bringing us together during this holiday season to shine as one. For in Weymouth, we know something special to be true. That We shine our brightest when we are together because what we have is more precious than gold. In Weymouth, We have such community spirit, we have hope and generosity, we have peace and goodwill for all people.

Echo prayer

God of all, bless us and fill our hearts, our homes, our neighborhoods, our community of Weymouth, and our world with love, peace, joy, hope, and eternal light. Amen.