Happy Easter!


April 2019

Dear Friends and Members of East Weymouth Congregational Church,

Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Phil 4:19 My God shall supply all your need according to God’s riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Soon we will celebrate together with glory the one who knows each of our names by heart, the one who is our deeply personal God yet also is universal in power and creation. The one who is able to accomplish infinitely more than we can possibly hope for and imagine. The one who walks with us, who puts his yoke upon us so we will find rest for our souls. I’m excited as I hope you are too because when we celebrate God together at East Weymouth Congregational Church on Easter morning, God’s church will reverberate with so much love. As a parishioner recently said, “Regardless of how many people are in the sanctuary, it always feels full of love and peace.”

Here in this sacred place, we are grasping the most important truths. We are understanding, as children of God, that God gave us Jesus to show to us once and for all that if we but follow the ways of Christ and trust in him, all and any darkness will be overcome. God resurrected Jesus to overcome death, evil and sin for us so that we can be free and forgiven people. What I love about this church is that we “get it” --  we are getting to know more and more this Jesus to be our chain breaker, sin forgiver, pain taker, soul forgiver, way maker, hope giver and Savior. As your pastor, it is humbling to bear witness to how you all are growing in faith. It is inspiring to see lives transformed here. It is exciting to see you follow the ways of Christ and extend yourselves in continually new ways to be Christ to others. It is a blessing to be gathered with you – you are beloved and precious Easter people and you are making the world a better place. Thank God for you!

May you come for Easter! My hope for on Easter morning and beyond is that you share your love and experiences of Christ abundantly and lovingly so that more in this hurting world will come to know the joy and promise of Easter through you. My hope is that you will give generously in ways you are able, for in the giving we are richly blessed. My hope is that you will be comforted and inspired as the morning light streams upon you through those angel windows with rainbow colors lighting upon you. My hope is that you find the glory of the resurrection through the people praying, children playing, singers singing, a preacher preaching, the organist playing, the teachers teaching, scripture readers reading, youth singing, hearts and spirits uniting, and so much more.

And when all is said and done, before you leave the church after our Easter service, take a look at the window on the right of the sanctuary – opposite the angel windows – the one of Jesus standing there in red. Look in his sparkling eyes when you are in front of the sanctuary. His eyes will be upon you. Look at his eyes when you are in the back of the sanctuary. His eyes will be upon you. Know from being at East Weymouth Congregational Church this Easter, that every spot you stand in, every place you go, you are deeply loved and watched over by the risen Christ because he did not die forever 2,000 years ago. He is Risen.

He lives. “For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.” Acts 17:28

Faithfully yours,

Rev. Gretchen L. Elmendorf

Pastor, East Weymouth Congregational Church ...